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Times are shifting like never before. Timelines are collapsing, the veils are thinning and we are becoming more aware and remembering who we are. Our senses are heightening and we are connecting in deeper ways. 

The old ways no longer work and everything is backwards. What always made logical sense no longer makes any sense and what didn't make sense before seems to be the path we are being drawn to now. We are now realizing the old ways no longer work. We are no longer bound to all things traditional or the old belief systems. Time to challenge the old status quo. Time to allow ourselves to trust our own intuitive guidance, pave our own way, look beyond the surface and jump off the band wagon. This is deeper than the new age movements or fads. We are beyond that aesthetic commercialized cookie cutter hippy/spiritual wave we see now on social media and in every yoga studio on every corner (not that there is anything wrong with yoga itself. I love yoga and it's amazing. I hope you understand I'm just making a point). 

I am a Holistic Practitioner myself and there are times it's hard to separate myself from the cluster of new age movements but I serve humanity with the intent that those who are looking deeper and not interested in just another energy worker, sound therapist, intuitive mentor, etc., will find me with the assistance of our great Universe, God, Source, etc..

There is so much more going on behind the surface but most cannot get passed what the see right in front of them in the 3D world of social media, TV, News, etc.. Its an easy distraction from being present and from connecting on deeper levels within. It draws our mind and our eyes outward and we go into auto pilot. We just become zombies going through the motions and continue the repeating patterns of day to day life. We miss out on so much. 

We all do this as we are human but the difference is that some of us are aware of it and can rise above it. We came here to awaken, raise consciousness as we become conscious ourselves. We are here to shatter those old believe systems and old programming that have kept us enslaved for so long. The new paradigm does not permit those old ways. 

The challenge for us all is whether we are willing to shed those old ways and remember who we really are. Are we willing to allow ourselves to question everything we've ever known? Are we willing to shatter our own comfort zone and allow ourselves to fully emerge from our slumber and step into the unknown and clear the way for a new paradigm full of fresh new life? It's a rebirth like we've never known. We weren't born to conform to the old ways or compromise ourselves like generations before us. We came here to break the cycles. We are what we've been waiting for. We are the change. 

This is an exciting time for us. We got this. We are here to make universal history. We are the ascension pioneers. It won't be a perfect or easy process but we can and will move those mountains if this is what we choose to accept for ourselves and for the good of those we serve through our work. Everything weexperience reflects in our work. It's a ripple effect. We make an impact on the collective consciousness as we are all connected. Our frequency/energy is a calling card and has an effect on all we do, all those we connect with. 

I accept the task as I am not here to be like everyone else. I'm not just another energy worker, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Guide/Mentor, Intuitive Reader, etc., or what ever titles & labels there are out there. I'm here pave a new way and be the vessel the Universe needs to do what needs to be done. It may make me the outcast or the oddball in a world where everyone likes to wear matching outfits but I'm good with that. wink

Much love to you all and happy 11.11.11!!! laughing



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