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Meet Sarah Reilly, Life Coach


HU:   What inspires you?

Answer:  People who’ve overcome really rough starts and used what they went through to make the world a better place.


HU:  What is your biggest achievement to date (personal or professional)?

Answer:  The work I’ve done with coaching clients, is by far the most important and rewarding thing I’ve experienced. Using NLP techniques to disconnect things that were causing people terrible stress and unhappiness, ‘rewiring’ people so that they can live their dreams and achieve ‘bucket list’ items… it’s just been a thrilling couple of years.


HU:  What does a typical day look like for you?

Answer:  Firstly, a cup of tea and some time to wake up properly.  I have a morning routine that sets me up for the day, and then I typically coach between 10 and 5, Monday to Friday. Sometimes I start a little earlier or finish a little later to accommodate international clients that are on difficult timezones. I also do a couple of Saturday sessions for those clients who still work weekdays. All of this fits around my travel schedule which is hectic by most people’s standards: I’ve been without a residence for over 2yrs now.

In the first half of winter I only coach in the afternoon, because I snowboard in the mornings, and in the second half I switch it around to work around freeze-thaws. I find spring-riding conditions slushier and more fun in the afternoon, and because the days are getting longer I want to be around for apres-ski ;)


HU:  What is your favorite current project and why?

Answer:  Myself and my management team will be kicking off pre-production for my 2019 group programs and courses that launch in May. I absolutely adore working with them – they’re the most competent professionals you’ll ever find in the tech world, and they’re truly lovely people to boot.


HU:  If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be and why?

Answer:  Tony Robbins. I trained through his school and the work he does in the world is just phenomenal.


HU:  What are your biggest professional challenges?

Answer:  When I can see what’s possible for someone, but they’re not ready to take the first leap. I fully respect each individual’s ‘divine timing’, but it’s still heartbreaking when someone is operating as though we have unlimited time, or as though they’re not worth the investment.


HU:  What’s the most rewarding aspect about your career?

Answer:  The results. People finally living their dreams is the most joyous thing to be a part of.


HU:  What is your motto or personal mantra?

Answer:  ‘Fear isn’t a barrier, it’s a compass.’


HU:  How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

Answer:  I think ‘balance’ is a weak goal. I would always encourage people to pursue something they’re so passionate about that it puts them in flow state. That way ‘working’ is something that empowers and energizes them. Spending 40hrs a week doing something you hate puts tremendous stress on the body. If you need to ‘recover’ from work e.g. with vacations and weekends full of inactivity, you’re in the wrong job.


HU:  What is the greatest obstacle you have overcome?

Answer:  CPTSD, and deep, ingrained self-hatred.


HU:  What do you hope to share with the HU community?

Answer:  My help. Moving people forward is my obsession. I’m always available for a virtual coffee and to show you what’s possible.


HU:  What do you hope to learn/gain from the HU community?

Answer:  Tribe, education and inspiration

Learn more about Sarah Reilly, here.

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