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Sheryl Glick and Atherton Drenth discuss the merits of intuition and how it can help you to master your ego.

This is a delightful, very informative interview. Please visit Sheryl's website to check it out here: http://www.sherylglick.com/radio_shows/Intuition-and-Psychic-Connections.html

Episode Description:

"In today’s episode, Atherton Drenth guides listeners to master their ego by utilizing innate intuitive abilities that we all possess and which help us achieve inner calm, creating a healthier, more loving reality. She offers practical exercises and easy to use techniques as we move through three main sections of the book: building, protecting, and clearing your energy. We also discover how to determine intuitive type, center and ground our energy. We will explore ways to cut energy cords with any negative influences around us and fill life with greater peace and abundance."


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