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The coaching blooper reel!! Here is a small collection that I was keeping in Notes of hilarious things that have actually been said in coaching calls with me over the last year. Special shout-out to my clients who are freakin' FABULOUS and hysterically funny. Love you all. 




Oh ok.. um.. Sorry about my face..?

See!! You’re not a butt!!

I don’t wanna be a chin anymore!!

Turns out there were no fuckin’ fairies and it WAS a big deal.

Ok. So you made a mug with a dick handle and now you’re embarrassed.

Maybe your car wouldn’t be so beat up if you’d actually steer.

If you can’t go to the gym because you set your kitchen on fire, maybe you could try not doing that.

I’m not ‘blaming you’, I’m saying you’re literally still holding a lighter under the paper towels.

You have to stop texting douchebags.

My grandmother just got that vagina surgery. Getting old is no fun.

Stop calling me a flower - I have a PhD.

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