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Hey all! A little perspective I felt called to share this morning.
Having a couple of coaching sessions is not the same as 'having a coach', the same way going to the gym once or twice doesn't give you a permanently fit body.

I've spoken to a few people of late who perceive that a couple of cathartic releases and a breakthrough or 3 have 'fixed' them, and now they're perfect for the next 50yrs. Not so. 
Does an olympic athlete have a couple of training sessions and then tell the coach 'cheers, I'll take it from here..!'

No. Why? Because accountability, support, tweaks and pivots along the way is just as (if not more) important, than the original wow-moment that got them engaged to start with.

Humans are onions. Breakthroughs are not all the work, they're the beginning of the work. The voice that tells you it's not important to keep doing the work is the ego, and it's goal is to 'protect' you from making structural change to your identity and survival stories.

BUT, you have to fundamentally change those if you want to have a different life. We are just projectors - if you want to project a different reality you can't just paint over the screen - you have to insert a new film clip. And that will require various levels of maintenance until it's fully installed and running smoothly.

Having a coach is a game-changing investment. Don't tell me you've 'experienced coaching' if you only showed up for the discovery call... regardless of how much you cried ;)

Forever sacrificing my own popularity for your growth,

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