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Raphaology Medicine

Raphaology Medicine is an ancient indigenous practice revitalized for the 21st century. It is based in specialized damage repairing herbal healing, hormone balancing and high enzyme boosting foods. These are combined with light therapy and an interactive determination process that specifies causes of problems and customizes healing plans for the needs of each individual's unique conditions.

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Exchange of S.U.N./not-for-profit Raphaology

Sunland, California, United States

Raphaology Medicine

Phone Number: 818-446-0077
Modalities/Treatments Offered: Herbs: phyto-ceuticals that repair organ, gland, and system damage Foods: nutri-ceuticals that boost and restore function Color: light therapy that balances hormones and restores mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health I.D. (Interactive Determination Therapy): a hands on approach to foot mapping to locate and determine deficiencies and what herbal and food tools are needed for healing. Benefits: Stress reduction Weight loss Damage repair Hormone Balancing Symptom relief Energy boosting Pain diminishing No dis-ease is too big or too small


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