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Are You Fully Living Now?

In this short clip by the late philosopher Alan Watts, he paints a profound picture of how we are always striving for something – always looking to the future. How about right now, especially with the busyness of the holidays,  we make an extra effort to BE in the present? Live fully, now. It’s all… Read More

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Do You Need More Money?

Byron Katie speaks up about the insatiable need for money.  Do you really need more, right now, right here, in this moment? Perhaps this is just an imagined thought. A thought which has the potential to create fear, anxiety or jealously. If peace of mind is dependant on obtaining cars, homes and clothing, then there is… Read More

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Counting Time With Jelly Beans?

We all realize there’s a limit to our life, to what we can experience and achieve. We only have so much TIME. When you see it measured in jelly beans, it provides a whole other perspective. After working, commuting, eating, sleeping, bathing, cooking, watching, worrying, and fearing, ask yourself, what would you plan to do… Read More

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