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Flash Mob Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Sharing the words of an Upworthy.com blog writer, Deepa Kunapuli.  This video touched my heart.  She writes,  ’When the news broke that beloved and revered civil rights icon Nelson Mandela had passed, it felt like the entire world took a collective sigh as we mourned the loss of one of the greatest heroes of a… Read More

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Learn How Music Heals

I was deeply touched upon watching this video clip by Punit Yaatri, composer of Brain Heart Music. Punit has devoted his life to  bringing the ancient practice of healing with music to the 21st century. In this clip he shares how music has a deep healing effect on people suffering from conditions such as Autism,… Read More

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Stroke Of Insight Revisited

Brain researcher Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor got the opportunity that few brain scientists would, to study her own stroke as it happened.  During her experience she had a massive stroke and observed her own brain functions systematically shutting down.  One by one her motion, speech and self-awareness all faded away.  She could no longer determine… Read More

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The Real You – Alan Watts

Alan Watts is an author and speaker in Eastern philosophy who has published several books for a Western audience.  In this short video he articulates how our conscious experience is to the universe, as a wave is to the ocean. We are both the wave and the ocean all the time. Lecture by: Alan Watts… Read More

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Caring: A Necessity, Not a Vanity

It can be a misnomer I think sometimes, this word caring. We know what it means to care for others but I don’t think we have a logical handle on how to care for ourselves. I personally believe it is because we have been raised with belief systems that give us the impression that caring… Read More

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