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The Science of Happiness

Julian with SoulPancake is at it again – posing this question: Does happiness lead to success or does success lead to happiness? With this interesting experiment that he conducts he discovers that happy people are generally more successful! Whoa – who knew? So – for clearer minds, more energy and productivity – let’s keep ourselves… Read More

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Protect Your Sacred Space

I absolutely adore the late Dr. Maya Angelou! During a show on Super Soul Sunday, she revisited the best piece of advice she’s ever given. It was to keep the sacred space inside yourself pristine and clean – protect it at all costs. You need to give yourself this clean, respected space, in order to… Read More

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Deepak’s View On Love

Best selling author and mind body expert, Deepak Chopra explains the stages of love so profoundly. He discusses how each person in our life; people we like, people we love, and even dislike, are mere reflections of ourselves. ‘If you don’t like the reflection, don’t break the mirror!’. Something to think about.

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