At Holistic United, we help people heal. Since our beginnings in 2008, everything we do is rooted in our intention to see holistic wisdom applied in everyday life. We help you to market your services and holistic knowledge, in turn helping people better understand and access holistic healthcare.

We offer multiple ways to spread the word about you and your work, such as:

  • Free searchable business listings, with customizable URL, space for photos and logos, and links to your online presence.
  • Opportunities to contribute information about your services and life-changing stories through our widely read Holistic United Blog.
  • Social media consultation and development. We can help you develop a social media strategy and engage with your target market.                                                                        
Through positive communication, collaboration and connection, let Holistic United help you spread your wisdom and facilitate wellness.


A Look At GMO’s ~ Cartoon Style
18 November 2014

I came across this video while doing my own personal research on GMO’s. It’s a straight forward look at what GMO’s are and how they effect the ... Read More

It’s a Love Letter to YOU!
4 November 2014

When was the last time you said you loved yourself, and really meant it? I’m reading a book by Louise Hay on How to Heal Yourself.  She explains a concept that Loving ... Read More

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